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The YES Initiative

YES Vision
Empowering youths with mental health conditions to reach their potential.
YES Mission
Forming communities in which youths with mental health conditions build resilience to live meaningful lives.

Through different activities, the YES Initiative aims to empower youths by providing a sense of purpose, ownership and self-efficacy.


Titled "Your Empowered Self" (YES), each component holds a meaning:

Sense of ownership to define what encompasses living and leading meaningful lives.
Youths are equipped with tools and skills needed to embark on the journey towards self-efficacy and self-actualisation.
Recognition and respect that each individual has unique needs and goals as a precursor to building relationships and living well in social communities.

Who can join the YES Initiative?

Youths aged 15 to 30, at risk of or diagnosed with mental health conditions.

The YES initiative aims to:

Provide early prevention, detection and intervention for youths with mental health conditions.
Foster community services as a support network for youths with mental health conditions.
Promote positive mental wellbeing and enabling youths with mental health conditions to thrive independently.

The YES Initiative consists of:

Individual Psychotherapy
#BLOOM Group Programme
Mental Health Workshops
Interest Group
Social Media Engagement
Individual Psychotherapy

In our individual psychotherapy sessions, you will work together with a therapist over a series of sessions to learn ways to better manage and cope with your condition.

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