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Volunteer Management Policy


Welcome to the family of Clarity Singapore!

We are grateful for you to join us in supporting and empowering our clients’ mental health journey through our services. Our clients range from 15 to 65 years old and with their best interests in mind, we require all Clarity volunteers to adhere to our Code of Conduct at all times when carrying out your duties and interactions.

Expectations and support for Volunteers (main Code of Conduct)

  • Each volunteer will be provided a Volunteer Handbook to guide their conduct and must agree to Clarity Singapore Volunteer Agreement.
  • Volunteers will be adequately briefed before they undertake their activities.
  • Where appropriate, we do enrol volunteers to paid training or events.
  • Volunteers will be given formal recognition of their contribution (e.g. internal awards, articles on newsletters, thank you letters, etc).
  • Volunteers can claim reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, subject to the production of receipts as evidence of the expenditure.
  • We encourage feedback and for volunteers to share their views and opinions with us.
  • Volunteers will be supported by our Volunteer Coordinator /Programme In-Charge when they are undertaking their volunteering tasks.
  • All information confidential to Clarity Singapore, especially personal data of the beneficiaries and families must not be disclosed or used for any other purposes except as reasonably necessary to enable the volunteer to fulfil his/her voluntary responsibilities with Clarity Singapore. You shall agree to protect the confidentiality of such information and materials at all times.
  • Photographs and videos are considered personal data of the person photographed or filmed. If the volunteer would like to take photographs or videos with the beneficiary or family members, consent is required to be sought from them on a private and personal arrangement.
  • All volunteers are expected to disclose any conflicts of interest which may arise and could have an impact on your obligations to Clarity Singapore.
  • Volunteers should not make any public comments or statements to the media that would lead anyone to believe they are representing the views of Clarity Singapore. All media appearances should be accompanied by our Programmes staff or the Volunteer Coordinator.

If you are interested to join us:

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Please note: Personal data will be automatically removed from the Clarity Singapore volunteer database if you do not participate in any voluntary activity for 12 consecutive months under our Data Protection Policy.